•  California Security Screens are made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh

•  Choice of NINE Stock Sash Colors and Custom
Sash Colors are also available – ask for details

•  Meshtec Powder Coat Warranty on the Mess and Sash against rust, corrosion, fading or bubbling for 5 years fromthe original installation date

•  1 year warranty on door handles and hinges

Product features summary

Homes without a security system are about THREE TIMES more likely to be broken into than homes with a security system.

Handles, Locks and Hardware

•    Only tested and approved security hardware is selected to ensure strength and durability

•    Incorporates a 'Multi-Point-Lock’ system specially designed for Guarda CRL Security Screen with one simple locking action

Our Warranties

•    Powder Coating Color Warranty* for a period of 5 years from the date of original installation on mesh and sash panels.

•    Hardware Warranty* for a period of one year from the date of original installation on all hardware (hinges, locks, and rollers).

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

Product Testing
For Security Screen Doors and Window Screens in Accordance with Australian Standards (AS)
•    Knife Shear Test AS 5041-2003
•    Dynamic Impact Test AS 5041-2003
•    Jimmy Test AS 5041-2003
•    Salt Spray Test ASTM 13117

Security Screen Mesh
•    Woven with high-tensile steel wire, each strand is individually tested to international standards.

•    Passes and exceeds Knife Shear Testing, with proven strength superior to ordinary insect screen mesh.

•    Passes and exceeds Salt Spray Testing, proven durability to resist coastal environments for residential and commercial applications.

•    Guarda CRL Security Screen components (mesh, aluminum tracks, and frames) have been powder coated in a special formulation for corrosion resistance and to exceed architectural exterior standards.

•    Meshtec black-coated mesh filters up to an average of 60% of harmful UV rays while providing clear vision security.

Aluminum Sash
•    Manufactured with high quality (grade 6063-T5) aluminum for strength.

•    The Guarda CRL Security Screen fixing system is the subject of multiple international patents, and has been specially designed and developed to ensure product strength, integrity, and security.

•    Developed in Australia where the Meshtec process passes or exceeds Australian Standards (AS), recognized as the most strict of all international standards.

•  With multiple color options, Guarda CRL Security Screen can be incorporated into almost any opening in either new or existing premises.

Security Screen Doors For Homes

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