Security Screen Door Sales and Installation

Finding a place in Pasadena to buy and install security screen doors is as easy as calling California Security Screens. We easily have the best selection in the area with expert installation for long-lasting protection and guaranteed satisfaction.

Competitive Endurance

California Security Screens provides the toughest security screen doors by Titan and Vista. By using the highest-quality metals with structurally-sound installation skills, you can sleep easy in your own home.

Top-Graded Metal

Titan and Vista security screens are made with specialized metal which makes them nearly impossible to penetrate. Engineers have gone through vigorous testing to really ensure your safety as well as your home’s security.

Titan Security Screens Vista Security Screens
MeshTec Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 316 Marine Grade Stainless-Steel Mesh
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame and Sash with Welded Corners Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame

Intricate Physical Structure

MeshTec is expertly-designed to keep each weave tightly-knit while still providing enough of a gap to properly support airflow and a view. Premium quality frames assist in making sure the mesh stays in place so it can effectively serve its purpose.

Best security screens in Monrova, CA
expertly designed security screen doors

Fully Custom Designs

Not only does California Security Screens offer the toughest doors in Pasadena, but we also have a vast amount of style combinations to choose from.

Security Screens Door Styles

Styles for Every Type of Door

Whether you want to protect your front hinged door or back sliding doors, we have security screens for any job. Our selection covers:

  • Single hinged doors
  • Double hinged doors
  • French doors
  • Single sliding doors
  • Double sliding doors
  • Three panel sliding doors
  • Four panel sliding doors

No matter what type of security screen door you need, there is a style to match your home’s exterior aesthetic. From depictions of cacti and sunrays to elegant swirls and twirls, you’ll have a fun time going through our extensive catalog of artistic designs.

The Most Diverse Palette

Most businesses let you choose between black and white, and sometimes brown (if you’re lucky). California Security Screens has an incredible range of colors starting from warm neutrals to more bold options like red, blue, and green. These uncommon shades make your entryway more exciting for your guests!

Expert Installation

The strongest security screen door won’t mean much if it’s not installed correctly. Improper installation leaves your home compromised and makes it easier for intruders to bypass your defenses. That’s why all of our contractors at California Security Screens are fully trained and licensed to keep you safe. Additionally, all of our security screens are backed by warranties to make sure you’re covered no matter what.

Titan Warranties Vista Warranties
1-Year warranty on door mechanics 1-Year warranty on door mechanics
Limited Lifetime Warranty 10-Year warranty on mesh and sash
Lifetime Rust-Free Guarantee Home Protection Plan
5-Year powder coat warranty
Home Protection Plan

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California Security Screens is the place to trust to keep your home safe. Just choose your design and let us do the rest! Call us today at (626) 376-4107 to ask for pricing.