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Security Screen Doors

Are you worried about the safety of your home? With the frequent crimes that happen in California, we don’t blame you for being concerned. That’s why we offer an effective solution at an affordable cost. For the best security screens in the Glendora area, you can rely on California Security Screens to protect your home!

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The Burglary Problem In California

This is sadly a bad time for California residents as property crime rates are starting to increase yet again. The unfortunate truth is that this problem will likely never go away as we live in a place that consistently remains among the top half of states with the highest property crime rates. In order to fight back, we must first understand the thought process of a typical burglar.

Home Break-In Facts
  • Roughly 66% of burglaries are residential.
  • Burglars almost always target unprotected houses for an easy job.
  • Most break-ins occur between 10 AM and 3 PM when most people are away from home.
  • 79% of break-ins are through the front door, back door, and windows with 34% being through the front door and 22% being through the back door.
  • A burglar spends an average of 8-12 minutes in your home.
  • Damaging or removing a door is the most common method for breaking into a home.

Knowing what we now know about the average burglar, we can conclude that reinforcing your doors is an effective way to protect your home from breaking and entering.

How Security Screen Doors Prevent Burglaries

Top-quality security screen doors add an incredible amount of protection to your home in many ways. For starters, our doors are made of marine-grade stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. To put it into perspective, these security screen doors have gone through rigorous tests in order to verify their durability. Forceful attacks, knife cuts, and the help of other tools are no match for our security screens! To make matters worse for any potential burglars, our security screen doors also support deadbolt locks for added protection. This level of safety is only possible with high-quality products and expert installation for foolproof support.

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The Best Security Screen Doors In Glendora

Providing you with the highest level of security can only be done with products from top brands such as Titan Security and Vista Security Screens. California Security Screens proudly offers the best security screen doors by these two most trusted manufacturers. It’s a smart idea to equip your Glendora home sooner than later since you never know when crime will strike, so call us today at (626) 376-4107 to get started on a free estimate! We’ll help you find the most optimal choices for your home so you can rest easy in your own abode.