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Security Window Screens

Although most home break-ins happen through the front or back door, you shouldn’t rule out your windows. If a burglar is dedicated enough, they’ll have no issues resorting to your windows if they can’t get in through your doors. This is where security window screens come in. If you live in Glendora, California Security Screens is the best place to equip your home with burglar-proof windows.

Security window screens installed in the window of the house

How Burglars Compromise Your Windows

You may think that installing security screen doors is enough to protect your home. While securing your doors is incredibly effective against break-ins, it won’t matter if your burglar decides to try your windows instead. In fact, 23% of break-ins occur through the first-floor windows, and they use a few different techniques to do so:

  • The most common method is using a crowbar to pry open a poorly-secured window. This has proven to be effective for many burglars in California.
  • Although it takes a little more time than using a crowbar, some burglars will remove the beading (the strip that holds the glass) in order to take out the entire window pane.
  • Burglars who aren’t afraid to get a little messy will simply shatter the window with a hammer or mallet and make quick work of their task before fleeing the scene.

This can all be prevented with a high-quality security window screen from the best security screen company near Glendora! At California Security Screens, we offer different types of security window screens to best fit your needs.

How Security Window Screens Protect Your Home

Quality security window screens from top brands like Vista (as provided by California Security Screens) are made with military-grade metals that have been tested for peak durability. You can get them in three different types:

  • Quick escape security window screens come with an easy-release push bar that only opens from the inside for a safe emergency getaway, should the need ever arise.
  • Cleanable security window screens can be opened with a key for easy cleaning.
  • Fixed security window screens stay shut and can not be opened. This style is ideal for windows that are not meant to be opened anyway.

No matter which type you need, California Security Screens can hook you up with any security window screen for your Glendora home.

Security window screens installed in the windows of the house

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Installing a security window screen is fast and affordable through California Security Screens. We strive to protect Glendora residents and so we gladly offer great prices and it’ll only take about 20-40 minutes to install each security window screen! Call us today at (626) 376-4107 to get started on a free estimate. Our friendly staff is eager to protect your home so you can feel safe and comfortable no matter what.